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Welcome to Blades Bees

Thanks for stopping by! Blades Bees is the Sheffield United Blades Exiles and Ex-Pat Society (Hence the Bees - we're not secret Brentford supporters!). This corner of cyberspace is dedicated to fans who have left Sheffield and face the inherent problems on how to keep up with news from the Lane, get Tickets and generally banter the day away at work talking about Sheffield United and a host of other non-football chat, which, in truth, mostly revolves around beer!

We think we're a friendly bunch and the main activity on our site is based our our Forum / Noticeboard, so why not give it a click and see what we're talking about? You don't have to register to read the the posts, but we hope you do so that we can make this number one resource for exiled United fans on the Internet! :-)

Thanks again for stopping by, and we hope you join the discussion soon.